Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Welcome to my new place


 I've moved out for the first time for university, here are some photo's I've taken in and around my new home.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Thruxton 1/6/13

I also take motorsport photos - get a little bored and end up taking (much more) interesting photos of the scenery the people and always the crows...

Thursday, 11 April 2013

365 Week 1 Summary

I've managed to produce something each day this week, it hasn't been too difficult  but maybe because it's all new and shiny, and I've been away from college. Time to see if I can keep this up for another 52 weeks... here goes and fingers crossed.
Posting these with summaries on tumblr, you can ask me questions if you like over there too!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pages from my Sketchbook

Oh, It's been a while, I do apologise, I've been doing many new things lately, much less photography, in fact I've decided to do a degree in Fine Art, as opposed to Photography, more freedom, more opportunity to expand my practice. I'm still taking photos, and I can use photography as another medium in a fine art context. I've applied to UCA Farnham and accepted a place with AUB as my Insurance choice

This post is a collection of scans from my sketchbook, this is the first time I've really kept a sketchbook, and I've started to take it with me everywhere I go. I've found It's a great help in developing ideas and my own drawing skills.

some pages are just backgrounds ready to be drawn on when the moment or subject arises

ever notice how many people are on their gadgets on public transport, it's easy to draw them, they don't move or even look up from their phones

speedy drawing, without looking at the paper.

me + deadlines = no thankyou

Collage in relation to one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands Turn On the Sun Again by The Real Tuesday Weld

a self portrait, gone wrong.

These last four pages will be worked into, the bottom two I think I'll use in life drawing tomorrow afternoon

more music inspired collage, The Real Tuesday Weld - I Always Kill the Things I Love and Ghosts

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Monkey Closet gig for

Oh, just checking though my blog drafts and noticed I never actually published this post, I made it 10 months ago to the day! Well, everything is still valid, I'll post it anyway :)

"on saturday night I went to a gig to raise money for my good friend's Nick & Kate’s 2 year old son, Jake, who unfortunately contracted meningitis at 3 weeks old, battled through but now has cerebral palsy, the money raised will go towards treatment and anything he needs to help him live a full life. For more information visit, make a donation if you like. On the night they raised £1300 and £1200 prior to the event! 
The Band is called Monkey Closet and they do covers of awesome rock songs, so check them out too!

Here are some of my photos from the night, there are more up on the facebook page so make sure you have a look!"

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